Italy honeymoon ideas

Italy honeymoon ideas
Italy has always been associated with the idea of “romance”, and that’s exactly what makes it one of the ideal destination for a perfect honeymoon.

Whether you decide to spend the days after your “yes, I do” relaxing on a beach, walking through the cities of art or, why not, combining both the activities, surely our country is fullplenty of ideas that’ll allow you to have a magic honeymoon.

Italy honeymoon: Sun and “dolce far niente”

If, by chance, you got married in summer season, the perfect idea for your honeymoon may be to spend a few days relaxing by one of the wonderful seaside towns (or lakes) that are scattered all along the Italian coast.

italy honeymoonIf your choice falls on the sea, one of the most popular destination is undoubtedly the beautiful Amalfi Coast, which will allow you to immerse yourself, physically and metaphorically, both in the sea that represents the perfect setting, either in the picturesque architecture that characterizes it. Amalfi, Ravello, Positano, Sorrento… you just have to point your finger and choose!

Another very popular idea of a destination for a honeymoon is the Cinque Terre area, located on the Ligurian coast, formed by five towns perched on the sea. Also there, it’s very easy to combine relaxation and dynamism, as in the area are organized numerous activities (such as hiking, water sports and similar) from which you can “take refreshment” on the beach.

An idea more “niche” may be to spend your honeymoon on the banks of one of the beautiful italian lakes, which can also be the starting point to visit the surrounding areas.

Lake Maggiore, for example, is in this sense the perfect destinations: it bathes with its waters Piedmont, Lombardy and the Swiss area of Canton Ticino, allowing you to share your honeymoon between relaxing by the lake and visit “bonbonniere – cities” such as Stresa, located on the Lombard side of the lake.

Honeymoon ideas: the Roman holidays

When you talk about art and history, it’s well known that Italy it’s second to none, and the honeymoon ideas of spend your days walking through cities permeated by the romance of centuries and centuries of history it’s very tempting.

Italy honeymoon ideas

The first choice is always the same: Rome. Who is the fresh bride that doesn’t dream to roll through the streets of Rome riding a Vespa? Sure, we could say that now may be not as easy as it was in 1953, when is settled “Roman holidays”, but the image still retains its quaint charm.
italy honeymoon
Rome is a city that leaves everyone infinitely richer, and visit it will allow you to make your honeymoon an unforgettable experience.

After exploring Rome, its history and its narrow streets, nothing can be better than a ride “under the Tuscan sun”, which fascinated dozens of artist and writers for its romantic atmosphere. Florence, the jewel of Tuscany, is a veritable monument to love, and also this city is an excellent starting point to visit the surrounding places.

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