The Roman Castles

The Roman Castles

A few steps from the center of Rome, we can admire the beautiful area of The Roman Castles.

A picturesque place between lakes and stately villas.

Villa Aldobrandini.

The villa is located in Frascati, this is the most famous city of the Castelli Romani.
you can visit famous monuments and churches as well as the Tuscolan villas
The biggest and most famous is Villa Aldo Brandini.
inside the villa where the prince still resides, we can admire splendid gardens and prized frescoes.

Villa Aldobrandini


Lake of Nemi

From the ancients the lake was also called the mirror of Diania.
So called because along its perimeter you can admire wide forests and the sanctuary of Diana, goddess of the woods.
The lake of Nemi is of volcanic origin.
The country of nemi attracts many tourists in the early days of June both for the village very characteristic and because it takes place the Strawberry festival.

Church of San Barnaba

This town is famous for its wine and for the grape festival that takes place at the beginning of October.
A very ancient and characteristic village.
The church of San Barnaba is the most famous in the country designed in Baroque style.

Castel Gandolfo

Wonderful place overlooking the lake of Albano.
One of the most beautiful villages of the Roman Castles and of Italy.
At Castel Gandolfo there is the Summer Residence of the Popes, we can also visit the beauty of Villa Albana di domiziano and the Regional Park of the Castelli Romani.


The town of Albano Laziale, a place known for its legends and traditions, reserves some important monuments such as the Church of Santa Maria della Stella and the beautiful Tomb of the Orazi and Curiazi.


The village of grottaferrata very characteristic and a very residential area.
This place is very famous for its restaurants and the beauty of the Abbey of San Nilo.

The Abbey of San Nilo is the only one in all of Italy to perform the Greco and Bizzantino Rite.
The church is located inside a wall surrounded by a large moat and at the corners we can see four imposing towers.

These are the most important cities to visit in the Roman castles. To close the beauty of the Albani hills there is Monte Porzio, Rocca di Papa, Rocca Priora and Velletri.

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