Tours Pompeii-Herculaneum

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Tours Pompeii-Herculaneum

2,000 years ago these streets were filled with people, vendors, the houses were inhabited by wealthy landowners, artisans, merchants, then suddenly everything disappeared. For 1700 years the city was literally wiped off the face of the earth, no one could indicate the place where once stood, then slowly re-emerged and is now one of the archaeological wonders, is Pompeii.

The astonishment quickly gave way to fear and then panic, what happened in those 24 hours, when Pompeii was hit several times by the fury of the volcano has been patiently reconstructed with a long work of excavation and research.

Today, the ruins of Pompeii are by far one of the biggest tourist attractions in Italy. Visit this archaeological site goes far beyond the passion for art and history, but it is something that touches the special ropes, able to attract lovers of mystery, of rites and cults populations so far away from us in time, but so close “physically.”

The fact that Pompeii was destroyed, but preserved at the same time, for the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD makes it even more fascinating this place, where, walking through the alleys of the time, it seems to relive a bygone era, thanks to the homes, shops and other instruments intact, which allows us to deal with the style of the vintage expertise life.

The first real excavations were carried out by the Bourbons of Naples, in 1738, he has always been interested in art and history, especially the passion of King Charles of Bourbon. The excavations were largely completed in the late 1800s, when it was brought to light the Villa of the Mysteries, as well as Via Abundance.

Many public buildings were discovered, such as the Forum of Pompeii, the market, the places where the food was stored, called Thermopylae or water, called Castellum Aquae. Very important for the inhabitants of Pompeii was the entertainment, so many places were found fun activities were offered. On all the Pompeii Amphitheatre, it is

built around 80 BC It can hold twenty thousand people, but were later also found the Grand Theatre, the gym and spa. Obviously there have been places of worship like temples. The most important is dedicated to Apollo, while others were built for the cult of Isis, Jupiter, Venus and other gods. Visiting the ruins of Pompeii you will have the

impression that time has stopped in the time of the eruption. The casts of the bodies of the people make it even more attractive these places. Assisted by a guide who is able to explain the details of those places so beautiful is critical. And ‘to understand the representations of the frescoes, to better understand how they spent their days the

inhabitants of Pompeii and be carried away by anecdotes, sometimes funny, traditions and customs of the time..

Visit Herculaneum

The main characteristic of which is the ruins of Herculaneum was submerged under a layer of lava and mud, unlike Pompeii, which was hit by ash and lapilli. Lava and mud went on to form a tuff layer, which guaranteed a better conservation of the city, for this vision of Herculaneum excavations allows to further appreciate the

particularities of the time, from tools to equipment, even to entertainment sites. The best known building is the atrium house mosaic, but it is not the only one.

The House of Neptune and Amphitrite, one of the Skeleton and others are a reflection of better conservation, which also allowed the gym and the spa to see the light, thousands of

years later. Visit Herculaneum means give completeness to their historical and cultural tours, enriching not only culturally, but also spiritually.

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