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Tours Siena

 Siena, one of the most beautiful medieval cities of Italy, situated in the center of Tuscany. The centerpiece of the City and the famous Piazza del Campo, his particular form of a shell, in which you hold the famous “Palio“, One of the most Important for all citizens of Siena appointments.

The Palio of Siena and an important horse race that takes place every year so, in the summer months of July and August and its origins appear to date back even to the seventeenth century. According to the history of Siena it was founded by Senio, son of Remus, so we can find in the city several statues of the mythical Romulus and Remus suckled by the wolf.

Piazza del Campo and the core of Siena since the time of the Romans, Who here had Loro Forum.

The square was repaved during the Government of Nine, a semi-democratic group in power between 1287 and 1355, with a breakdown into nine sections in memory of the Government and symbolizes the mantle of Our Lady Who Guards the City. Called Torre del Mangia is the Public Palace, as well as the Cathedral of Siena, was built during the government of the Nine, which was the period of greatest economic and cultural splendor Tours Siena.

The palace today houses the offices of the Municipality, like the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence.

The inner courtyard of the building is to join the Museo Civico Ee Mangia Tower, on top of which, Climbed the 500 steps, you can enjoy a splendid view of the city. In the Museum they are preserved some of the finest paintings of the Sienese school. The Consistory Hall offers one of the finest works of Domenico Beccafumi, How fresco ceilings painting the cycle of public virtue. mappamonto in the room and in the Sala della Pace (the Nine Hall).

Then there are the true masterpieces: the great Majesty and the equestrian portrait of Guidoriccio da Fogliano at the siege of Montemassi by Simone Martini and the Allegories of Good and Bad Government Ambrogio Lorenzetti, considered one of the major painting cycles of the Middle Ages.”

Visit Siena

What are the main attractions to see Tours Siena? Piazza del Campo, in the heart of the city, is certainly high on the list of things to see, but there are many other places that you should definitely not miss.

How would you like to visit the Public Palace, the Town Hall in red brick building overlooking Piazza del Campo and see the Museum?

Inside they are kept many Sienese art treasures, including some frescoes on the role of government. What do you say then to climb the Torre del Mangia and admire the whole city of Siena? Then head toward the Piazza del Duomo and buy a pass to visit the interior of the Cathedral, the Baptistery, the Cathedral Museum where enjoy another beautiful view

of the city, and the crypt. Inside the cathedral certainly you appreciate the beautiful stories of the pavement and the Piccolomini Library.

Prices Tours Siena 12 hours

1-3 persons / 550,00 €
4-6 persons / 590,00 €

Main Program

All Included
Pickup at the Hotel
Drop off at the Hotel

Start point:
Hotel in the center of Rome
Time of departure:
7:30 am
12 hours (approx.)



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