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Villa Hadrian

 Villa Hadrian built between 118 and 138 AD (Publio Elio Adriano), probably born in Italica, Seville (Spain), January 24, 76, DC. The Villa is distributed over an area of ​​120 hectares less, on a tufa plateau even between two Fossi, which hoop water east and what Risicoli or Rocca Bruna west. To achieve such a grandiose complex

Adriano decided to move his residence outside the capital, the choice of a green area full of water, near Tivoli. 28 km from Rome. Currently the area to visit and the ca. 40 hectares. Literary sources What we pass on Adriano, versatile personality, especially loved the architecture, which

personally I dedicate; The device comes equipped with Villa, Che differ from architectural practices of the time, showing Every doubt this participation and expertise.The Temple of Venus of Rome, erected in the Forum, but also the Pantheon, the restructuring of the former Temple builtby Agrippa.

UNESCO World Heritage

Castel Sant’Angelo important war memorial built by Hadrian originally intended for the tomb and then transformed into a fortress Papal. The villa includes residential buildings, Spa, nymphs, pavilions, gardens What alternate According Distribution entirely unusual, the does not reflect the usual sequence of villas and domus, Imperial also.

The various buildings were linked together,what addition to surface routes, even from a network path and pedestrian underground roads for the Services. Since it the extraordinary richness of the architectural and sculptural decoration of the villa was the subject of a frantic search in the beginning of the Renaissance. Since it the extraordinary richness

of the architectural and sculptural decoration of the villa was the subject of a frantic search in the beginning of the Renaissance. Marble Stripping probably has been used in allmajor museums and collections in Rome that include among the works therefore Villa Hadrian. Villa Hadrian in 1999 and a UNESCO World Heritage.

Villa D’Este

UNESCO World Heritage is included Villa D’Este , on the inside we can admire an important concentration of fountains, nymphs, grottoes, fountains and gardens in the mannerist and baroque. The garden includes the important ruins of ancient villas as Villa Adriana, is a territory where there are, caves and waterfalls and

narrow gorges between steep cliffs. One of the wonders of the ancient world are gardens of Babylon: formed from the imposing buildings and terraces. The supply of water, including an aqueduct and a tunnel under the city, recalls the great powers of engineering Roman. The protagonists for all the decorations were under the direction of: Livio

Agresti, Federico Zuccari, Durante Alberti, Girolamo Muziano, Cesare Nebbia and Antonio Tempesta. Since 1605 the Cardinal Alessandro d’Este has initiated a new program of action for the restoration and repair of damage to hydraulic systems, such as innovative result for the garden and the decorations of the fountains.

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Hotel in the center of Rome
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